Varsity Jackets of any school.  Every Jacket is a work of Art.
 We have shipped elaborate Biker patches all over the world.  We have Reflective patches as well as our Signature Diamond Sparkle Patches.
 We are also and have been shipping elaborate custom vests worldwide since the year 2000.  We are the best in the business, and each and every design kicks ass.  People search us out far and wide, to make their designs, and we don’t even have enough time to put all the pictures of all the amazing things we have done over the last 18 years.  We have repeat biker customers for over 10 years now.  Check out our facebook page. Kick Ass Patches.  Elaborate varsity jacket designs on Instagram, GetCustomized
Custom Elaborate, Varsity Jacket, we can copy you.
CarolinaLive-reflectiveandDiamondBack (1).jpg
 We can make custom characters to look just like you.
 Shipped this amazing jacket to Logan OH.  The whole order was done over the phone, and email, and we never met the customers in person.
2016-10-27 10.10.10.jpg
2015-11-11 17.31.10.jpg
2015-11-05 10.47.19.jpg
 Picture patches, where any picture can be embedded into the fabric.
2017-01-12 18.15.13.jpg
2015-12-20 14.05.37.jpg
2015-12-21 13.12.11.jpg
Rochester Varsity Jacket Huge Designs
 Example of our Amazing Artwork Abilities.  From first pic, to final creation.  Final embroidery shown in next pic.
2016-12-22 00.55.03.JPG
2017-01-24 10.15.46.jpg
2018-02-25 12.09.04 - Copy.jpg
2018-02-25 12.09.18 - Copy.jpg
2018-03-09 17.32.15.jpg
Pontiac Diamond Sparkle Varsity Jacket
2018-03-28 18.05.44.jpg
2017-04-18 15.04.38.jpg
 We took the mascot character, the Vikings, and turned him into a football player.  Another example of our amazing artwork abilities.
Brother Rice 3XL Jacket
2016-12-22 00.42.03.JPG
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